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"Good afternoon Mr Sawyer,

I would like to express my gratitude and my sincere thanks to you for having two amazing members of staff in your team.

Natalie: Her standard of customer service is second to none and her professionalism impeccable.

From the start where she picked up my call until the moment after all the move had happened, she proved to be an excellent, first class customer service experience.

She answered her calls and E-Mails promptly and dealt with queries straight away.

She always has kept me informed.

She brought reassurance when one might feel stressed about the whole process.

Beginning of June, I had to go to France as my mum passed away. Her words of comfort and trust in me allowed me not to worry about the removal.

On the day of the move, she call to make sure all was ok and she called me again the next day!

I have worked in customer service over 40 years. I have a high standard and I expect high standards.

I was not disappointed.

The removal team were excellent also but Steve stood out from the crowd!! He deserves praise for his energy and tenacity. An amazing energy and the focus on his job stood out throughout the day.

He was a fast, organised leader and did an amazing job.

Natalie and Steve are an asset to your company.

You probably know that already but they made both my move a stress free process which I feel need to be recognised."

Patricia Tyler
Administration and Corporate Management Division