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Why have we rebranded and what does it mean to our customers?

Why have we rebranded and what does it mean to our customers?

You might have noticed that we’ve changed our look and made an adjustment to our name. This decision was made after considerable discussion with branding experts and advise by focus groups after consumer consultations, so that we could be certain that the main beneficiaries of this exercise would be our customers. 

Our goal was to ensure that doing business with us became simpler, faster and more affordable throughout our varied group of divisions; we’ve achieved this by making it easier for customers to navigate our offers, increase their understanding of the range of services we provide, and built a strong brand platform to support our growth at the same time.

Our new look was designed to be unique, distinctive and noticeable and we hope that in time it will mark out Restore’s place in the market as a champion of our customers and their needs. In practical terms this means strengthening our offerings in a way that is meaningful to our business partners by simplifying our processes.

Restore Harrow Green and the wider Restore Group operate by a set of values which we apply to every aspect of business.

These are:

Flexibility: no matter the request, we listen to what our customers want and make sure to deliver results. 

Care: We know how important the tiniest details are to offering excellent service so we make sure that every aspect of service delivery is anticipated.

Trust: we guarantee confidentiality, reliability and compliance so that our customers’ privacy and data are respected and safeguarded.

Security: as one of our foremost concerns, we take every measure to employ security-cleared staff, GPS-tracked, unmarked vehicles and apply anti-theft and environmental measures for the safe, long-term storage of data and effects. 

Value for money:  we design the most cost-effective, tailor-made solutions which result in value and savings wherever possible.

Good people: Our people are our pillars. The hard work, commitment, knowledge and expertise of each and every member of our team makes us the reliable, specialist and industry leading group that we are. 

Our name might be different but we’re still offering the same level of excellent service whilst also being positioned as a clear part of a larger family of companies, enabling us to benefit and build on Restore’s reputation as members of the same strong team. Our culture is one of collaboration, knowledge and expertise, based on the care principles of a small, customer focussed company, but one which works with the efficiency and professionalism of the Restore Group. 


“We recognised that this transition would be a significant step for Harrow Green. As a market leader in our industry, built up over 30 years, we welcome having Restore in our brand name. I think this change will enable us to present a clear and compelling service offering to our customers, making it much easier to do business with us. There are exciting times ahead for everyone and we are looking forward to working very closely with our Restore colleagues.” 

Nigel Dews
Managing Director

Restore Harrow Green 


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