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Restore Harrow Green visits Belgium

Restore Harrow Green visits Belgium

A member of our team attended the Young Movers’ Conference 2018 in Belgium over the weekend, an annual event for young FM professionals to learn more about the industry, network with like-minded people and exchange insights and experiences.

The conference consisted of a three day program including seminars, meetings, workshops and discussions, as well as networking events and outdoor activities to add some extra excitement to the proceedings.

Here’s a breakdown of how the event occurred from our own young mover!

Thursday 3rd May:

"We arrived at the hotel and had the welcome and opening reception. This was followed by an ice-breaking game called ‘Knowing me, knowing you’. You had categories such as favourite food, sport, superheroes etc. and you had to find people who matched with you. Whoever had the most matches and stickers ‘won’. After this we were left to our own devices to network and sample some of the local beer!"

Friday 4th May:

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"The talks and panel discussions began, covering technology in the industry and how this could affect the way we work in the years to come. A keynote speaker and an industry panel discussed how the latest technologies are being harnessed to bring greater service to customers and to tackle a range of the challenges facing the moving industry.
In the afternoon we went to Antwerp where we took a bus tour of a European moving company’s warehouse complex and also of the major port of Antwerp. We then had a boat trip up the canal and around the port for a few hours where we networked. After the boat trip we made our way to where the party was being held, grabbed some dinner and networked some more!"

Saturday 5th May:

"I started the day with a brilliant Belgian chocolate-making experience with around 30 of the other delegates. After this finished we went on a guided tour of Brussels in the glorious sunshine! We then had some free time to explore the city before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the final night and closing dinner."

Follow this link if you’d like to know more about the Young Movers Conference


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