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Meet the Team - Jack!

Jack Draper-Move Manager


If you’ve ever wondered about how an International removals company works, we’re here to help. Here at Harrow Green International we’re very proud about the way we do business and we wanted to give you a little insight into our world by introducing you to our team and telling you all about what they do. 


Today’s focus is on our colleague Jack who’s been with Harrow Green for four years and is very experienced in the world of International removals. 

Jack’s primary duties comprise of handling one of our larger clients who represents larger corporations which regularly move staff internationally. He ensures that they receive the best possible service at affordable prices and that all moves are expertly handled. Jack’s involvement starts with examining which of these corporate customers need to move staff and bidding for the relocation job as a first step. 

The system runs on very strict criteria, based on high score ratings, produced by satisfaction reviews. These reviews are given directly by the customers and reflect on how we’ve performed. In other words, if the customers we’ve relocated as part of the contract aren’t happy with the way we handled the move we lose points and if our score were ever to fall below a certain percentage we would not be given new business. As a result we’re happy to report that due to Jack’s hard work, and that of colleagues like him, we maintain a high score, enabling us to keep receiving bookings and offering them the excellent customer service they’re used to. 

Beside this large contract which is the biggest part of Jack’s duties, he also handles private customers who come directly to us for their International relocation. This involves providing them with quotes for their move, advising on timescales and Customs regulations for their desired destination as well as co-ordinating the move teams both in the UK and abroad, making sure that each step of the process is handled for our customers during this stressful time in their lives. 

Further to the above, Jack has made excellent connections in the relocation industry over the years and hopes to advance and grow both within Harrow Green but also within wider industry bodies. As a result, this year he will be taking part in the FIDI under 39 Club conference and has even applied to be part of the board, as two of its members have completed their tenure. The conference will be taking place in San Diego this March and Harrow Green International are sponsoring the conference app. If Jack is successful in his nomination to be part of the board, it will enable him to bring further focus to the work of Harrow Green, improve his connections to the industry and advance his skills. 

The 39 Club Board membership carries a great deal of responsibility, as the future of the club and its business success depends on the members’ commitment and creative thinking on variety of topics; their responsibilities involve working cooperatively with other Board members as well as the general FIDI Board.

Jack will also be attending the Young Movers Conference in early May which will be taking place in Brussels. The YMC is a ‘must attend’ event for young and ambitious professionals in the moving business and will enable Jack to learn all about industry developments and news. 

Jack aims to grow and advance his career within Harrow Green International and hopes to improve his skills by receiving team leading and business development training. His ultimate goal is to one day become a General Manager.

In his spare time he enjoys sports, especially watching and playing football, socialising with his friends and taking his dog for walks. He’s also into endurance activities and has even completed the Tough Mudder event in the past. His colleagues describe him as a cheeky chappie, the team entertainer who’s always up for a laugh!

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