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How to make friends when you move abroad

How to make friends when you move abroad

Have you wanted to move abroad but are worried about fitting in? Moving to a new country need not be a source of anxiety if you plan ahead and keep an open mind. 
As we relocate hundreds of people overseas every year, we know how to make the process smooth and easy for you. Our tips will help you consider all the aspects of moving so that you can make an informed decision and not be disappointed once you’ve reached your destination

Get involved:

Once you’ve found a place to live, try to get involved in the local community. Are there neighbourhood watch events you can join, charities you can volunteer for or projects you can help out with? This integration will quickly put you in touch with the needs of your community and connect you with the concerns of your neighbours. Your fresh perspective might even provide new solutions to problems no one has thought of yet. 

Consider meet ups. Meet ups have been the saviour of people moving to new cities for a few years now. If the idea of moving somewhere new terrifies you, look for groups who are into the same things you liked doing at home such as board game nights, hikes, dance classes or even expat groups. If your new home has a community of Brits there’s bound to be an expat group you can join; feeling nostalgic about proper tea and queuing for the bus is bound to help you bond with your new friends. 

If you have kids, join your school’s parent teacher evenings, or take part in sponsored events like bake sales and discussion evenings.
Go to an art show. Does your area support local artists? If so why not go down on opening night and see what’s on show. Your presence will be appreciated, you’ll get a free drink and get a chance to make friends while looking at some beautiful art.

Embrace Learning:

Join a language class. Moving to a new country can be intimidating if you don’t speak the language. Even if people in your new social circle speak English, learning the local language will help you fit in with the locals and open your eyes to a whole new cultural understanding the way only a new language can. 

Take up a hobby. Have you always wanted to try out ceramics but never had the chance? Moving overseas will give you the perspective you need as well as an opportunity to fit in. If ceramics isn’t for you, see what’s available locally, or take up a craft your area is famous for like pastry making, foraging or a martial art, depending on where you are. You’ll extra points for making the effort to learn more about the customs and culture of your new home. 

Get active:

Join the gym or go for a morning run. Going to the local park for a jog, or joining the swimming club will connect you with people in your area doing the same thing and the shared routine will soon have you bonding over running times and laps completed. 

Adopt a pet: 

If none of the above tick your boxes why not adopt that rescue dog you’ve always dreamt of? It will give you a chance to go our for regular walks, and socialise with other pet owners on a regular basis. Local dog groups will also give you a chance to socialise with like minds and even your dog will make friends!

If you need any more advice about relocating overseas, feel free to get in touch with us today or request a free survey


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