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How do you make the best out of your living space?

How do you make the best out of your living space?

If you’re living in a house full or things you no longer use or need, it might be worth considering putting some of it in storage and finding new uses for your space. We all know that space comes at a premium and with property prices being what they are, it’s always better to make the best of your existing rooms especially, if you can’t afford to move or just don’t want to. 

Once a year it’s a good idea to take an objective look at your house and assess your belongings. Do you really need that bean bag your teenage son left behind when he went to uni? Are you going to read those celebrity biographies again? Are you going to open the ice cream maker that’s been in the box the last three years? If the answer to those questions is “not really” then you’re much better off packing it up and putting it in storage until that time you’re going to need it again.  

Freshen up your space

If your living room could do with a face lift, it will be easier if you put your furniture and decorative items into storage while works are taking place, rather than moving it from room to room inconveniencing people and blocking up landings and corridors. Storage will also keep it safe from errand paint splashes or clumsy other halves while work is being done.  

Growing family

If you’ll soon be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet, then it might be prudent to store your X-trainer for a time and put the crib in its place. Likewise your man cave or walk in wardrobe might have to be transformed into a nursery and you shouldn’t have to part with your lazy-boy if you don’t have to. Putting it in storage will keep it safe until you’ve rearranged your space to fit every item you need in your life.

Moving abroad

Are you moving abroad for a fresh start or a new job? Why not take the minimalist approach and store your items until you’ve sorted out your living arrangements. Most rentals for expats moving for work tend to be furnished anyway so why fret about relocating all your worldly belongings when you can store it away for as long as you need? In fact, some countries, like Australia, have restrictions on the type of organic material that can be imported into the country so leaving it safely behind will mean you won’t have to see it destroyed by strict customs regulations.  

Starting up a small business

If you’ve fantasized about turning your sewing hobby into a full time job for as long as you can remember, then why not store the contents of your garage or attic and convert it into the workshop of your dreams? You’ll still have access to your beloved belongings, but you’ll also get the chance to realise your dream by giving your small business the room it needs to flourish. 
Furthermore, if your business acumen is telling you that your house is in a premium location and could be making you money, then that cluttered attic or garage could be dying to be converted into an Airbnb or a lodger’s room. Storing your rarely used vinyl records or your mum’s old hat collection could mean you don’t have to permanently part with them but you’re also not wasting potentially life-changing income.


Your grownup kids have finally left home and you see no reason to keep paying over the odds in rent or hanging on to that cumbersome mortgage. Putting some items in long term storage and downsizing to a more manageable space could take a load off your shoulders, lessen your costs and save you time in tidying and cleaning. 

Finally, if you really want to let go, just have a car boot sale

We all have those items we know we’re never going to use again, whether they “spark joy” or not, so why not see if they have any resale value and organise a car boot sale. Folio books, old kids’ toys, vintage clothing and retro kitchen items are just some of the things that could have resale value so remember what they say about “one man’s junk” and turn that clutter into cash. 

Let us store it for you

Our storage facilities are secure, climate controlled and up to 30% more affordable than standard self-storage options. We can even pick up and deliver as well as supply professional quality packing materials so get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you and your prized possessions. 

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