International & Domestic Moving, Moving to Hong Kong

International & Domestic Moving, Moving to Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong

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Ready to move?

If you’re moving to Hong Kong, we can help make the process as easy and hassle free as possible.

We here at Restore Harrow Green understand that moving abroad can be as daunting as it is exciting and our aim is to help you move into your new life with none of the stress and only the excitement to look forward to. With over 30 years of International relocation experience we know the key to a successful international move is organisation, efficiency and understanding exactly what our customers need.

We realise that choosing the right relocation partner is important to you, because you expect the best possible service when entrusting us with your personal effects, which is what we strive to deliver. From the very first moment you contact us, your needs are our utmost concern.

Hong Kong is a popular relocation destination for British nationals due to its business links and shared history with the UK. For example, British nationals may visit Hong Kong without a visa and stay up to six months. However, if you wish to work, establish or join a business, study or permanently settle, you’ll have to obtain the appropriate visa before arrival.


Things to remember:

If you’re considering a working holiday, like many popular destinations, it offers a 18-30 working holiday scheme so do your homework in advance.

Whether you’re moving permanently or on one of the shorter stay visas, the great news is that English is spoken which makes life for expats easier; speakers of Cantonese however do increase their chances of finding employment.

It’s also worth noting that Hong Kong is in the top ten most expensive cities to live in globally, with small, high rent living spaces. This short coming however can be overlooked due its lower tax rates, which make it a great career move for many.

The higher cost of living should also be taken into consideration when looking into healthcare too. Those with a Hong Kong Identity Card are entitled to subsidised medical services, but visitors without permanent residency need to pay for healthcare so it’s advisable to purchase health insurance, depending on the length of your stay. Expats often prefer to seek out private health care, not for improved treatment but due to its reduced waiting times.

Getting around is easy on Hong Kong’s clean,  modern and reliable public transport system which is very affordable compared to other big cities. Trams are also available, if a little slower, as are taxis, which once again are very affordable and prices include tips so you don’t have to worry about leaving one. However you need to be beware that taking one during rush hour will be tricky.

Various tips worth knowing:

  • 999 dials emergency services just like the UK
  • All electronics outlets are UK compatible so no need to pack adaptor plugs.
  • Business cards are always expected at a meeting and must be presented with both hands.
  • Outside the city nature hikes can be enjoyed when the weather isn’t too hot or humid and outside typhoon season which runs from April to October.
  • All types of cuisine are widely available and prices range from affordable to high end, Michelin-starred affairs.

We’re here to help:

For a quote, we offer the option of visiting your home for a face to face meeting, or if you wish, you can arrange a video survey at a time that suits you, in order to receive your cost estimate.

Once you've selected us, you'll be assigned with your dedicated move manager who will discuss your options and together you can build a customised plan to best suit your relocation needs. This will include insurance requirements, storage needs as well as anything else you might require.

As the move approaches, your move manager will go through every detail of the job with you, from packing advice, delivery estimates and customs regulations that you will need to take into consideration. They will guide and support you every step of the way.

On the day of your move we will arrive at your property where we will export wrap and pack your effects, load them into your selected size of container before transferring them to the port where they will be kept until the scheduled transportation date.

When transporting your items by sea we use secure steel containers which come in two universal sizes of 20ft or 40ft, however, you have the option of choosing your preferred method from the following, depending on your budget:

  • Full container load - uses the whole of a container and gives you the security that your items have been packed and sealed within the UK.
  • Loose groupage - allocates you a space within a container which is shared with other Restore Harrow Green customers moving to the same location. All your items are individually catalogued and labelled for tracking at any point during the move. This is a cost effective shipping solution for small to medium sized requirements.
  • Cased groupage - your items are placed within a timber case which is then shipped with other grouped consignments. This is another cost effective option with an added layer of security.
  • Consolidated airfreight - the equivalent of part load consignments, this is ideal for smaller shipments, and provides a cost effective solution. This method is preferred when you don’t have a lot of belongings to transport or are taking your most essential effects to your new home. This method can accommodate up to 500 lbs worth of items and has a quicker transit time of 10 -14 days.

The average time for your consignment to arrive in Hong Kong will range from 6-8 weeks depending on the method you choose.

Once your items arrive our local agent will help you navigate Customs clearance and our network of trusted and vetted local partners will help you complete your relocation by delivering and unpacking your effects on your agreed date.

No duty or tax is levied on imported personal household items, and there is no limit on when goods can be imported or how much can be imported but plants are subject to a seven day Plant Import Licence application and alcohol will be subject to import fees. Your move manager will be able to advise you and answer your questions on customs restrictions. For more details see our FIDI regulations page.

If you require assistance finding a new home, school or other issues relating to your move, we can help make your transition even easier with our destination or Relocation management services.