Relocation Management

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Managing your move from start to finish

More than just moving

The physical task of moving your belongings to the new home is often just a small part of a complete lifestyle reorganisation and settling into a new job may be the easiest part of your employees' moves.

We build the ideal team for your people and their families, offering the right relocation solution for specific needs. The perfect package for a new life.

We have vast experience of relocation policies which allows us not only to advise and recommend on the content of your own company policy, but also create the document and manage its implementation. We’ve managed everything from removals allowances, car purchase policies, education guidelines and healthcare options, ensuring we satisfy all parties involved.

Relocation Management

Account management

You will benefit from a dedicated senior account manager who will provide comprehensive policy consultation, valuable management information and accurate financial reporting. Keeping you informed throughout the relocation is an essential part of our service.

Relocation process

Whether you manage a large organisation or a small developing business your Restore Harrow Green account manager will take you through our step by step consultation process. Together you will identify the specific worldwide relocation needs of your business and your employees and create a bespoke policy to support those needs.

Policy design

Relocating and repatriating your employees and their families can be a costly and time consuming process. Your account manager will help you establish best practice policy and guide you through the range of issues from setting eligibility and removals allowances to advising how best to communicate and implement your policy.


Relocating your employees is a major task to undertake as it affects the life of your staff and their families. Their move experience can have a huge impact on how quickly and how effectively they become productive in their new location, so it's important you think beyond the physical relocation.

Through close working partnerships across the globe, we will seamlessly merge our expertise with theirs to provide your staff with a complete relocation service including:


Concerned about the cultural change your staff are faced with? We can provide language courses and cross-cultural training for your employees to help them understand and fit in to their new surroundings, as well as written destination guides.

Home finding

Want to take the legwork out of finding a new home? Helping your staff overcome language barriers and cultural differences we can provide choices based on your employees' preferences, leaving them only the final decision to make. We can even provide maid and handyman services for the first days in their new home.

School finding

Want to ensure your children have a quality education? For relocating employees the welfare of their family is paramount. We will identify a choice of suitable schools, in the right location and even arrange the move to suit term times.

You just tell us what you need and we take care of the rest.