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We treat our customers’ belongings as if they’re our own. We appreciate that they hold memories, value (both financial and sentimental), and are cherished parts of your home and history.

Our export packing teams are very experienced in securely packing your priceless possessions so that they make the trip to your destination safe and sound. However, sometimes the inevitable can sadly happen which is why we recommend insuring your effects.

We offer various types of insurance designed to suit your needs and budget.

Types of cover:

  • Total loss:
    This covers you in the event of destruction or loss of the entire cargo rather than individual items and mainly accounts for fires, ships sinking and other unforeseen events.
  • Full replacement
    This covers lost or damaged items that were packed and inventoried by us and a replacement value was agreed with you in advance.
  • Lump sum
    This type insures part of your assets up to a specified amount and will be agreed with you in advance.

Your move manager will go over the options with you and help you decide which type of cover is the best for your needs, offering you peace of mind until you are reunited with your belongings.