Why Us

Why Us

Why Us

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Why Us

Why Us?

We know what's important. As a service provider we recognise and appreciate that our customers place a great level of trust in us every time they choose us to handle, pack and move their personal belongings.

Our focus is on making things easy for our customers and no doubt this is why we have an excellent customer retention record. Our staff take great pride in their work and understand that it is their actions that help us maintain our market-leading position, so you can be confident that they will go the extra mile on your behalf. We make it easy for you to do business with us; we offer great value for money; we do what we say we will do, and we will not let you down.

Our aims

  • To be the number one choice for families moving home in the UK or abroad by providing the very best service.
  • To understand our customers' needs.
  • To be easy to work with by handling all the complicated aspects, leaving nothing for our customers to worry about.
  • To provide a culture in which our staff learn and develop. By investing in them we have an engaged, committed and motivated workforce.
  • To reduce our impact on the environment and work with the communities in which we operate.
  • To provide value for money by pricing our work competitively, without cutting corners.
  • To provide breadth of service reach: we have a UK-wide and global service network, enabling us to provide a true single-source international service.

Our case studies will show you how we have helped other customers, and how we can help you.


Our business depends on your peace of mind and we go to great lengths to ensure that when you entrust us with your personal belongings they will be handled, packed and moved with the same care and consideration you would show if you were doing it yourself.

We are fully dedicated to adhering to all industry regulations and follow all guidelines set by FIDI as standard. FIDI is the largest global alliance of professional international relocation companies which requires its affiliates to comply with specific quality criteria and is generally accepted as the supreme professional industry standard worldwide.

We are FIDI-FAIM certified, which requires that international movers have regular independent audit assessments of their activities which ensures that FIDI companies work to a global standard for managing and performing international moving services and ensures high quality of service. From the customer's point of view, a FAIM certified company offers the confidence that the company knows the business and has the resources and know-how to do the job properly.

Our History

Restore Harrow Green began trading in 1983, offering a London-based commercial moving and storage service. Since then we have expanded our services by responding to the needs of our customers to offer International and domestic removals.

With the success of our Commercial Division through the 1990s, several of our corporate customers displayed a need to relocate their business and staff overseas. We quickly adapted and responded to those needs by expanding our service offerings. We were soon commissioned to handle International relocations for many of our large customers based at Canary Wharf and this development led to the creation of Restore Harrow Green International. Soon afterwards we joined FIDI, the largest global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies and also acquired Robertons Movers, a company specialising in domestic relocation.

Restore Harrow Green International has now developed into a major division of the Group and our projects have included relocations of prominent personalities, celebrities, banking professionals, politicians, sporting giants as well as major international contracts for multinational corporations operating in the UK.

Part of our operations includes the support of the relocation management industry, facilitating a series of internal commercial processes designed to move businesses, employees and their families to new destinations.

Our dedication to communication and to accommodating our customers' needs with speed and efficiency is what sets us apart from other relocation companies. We work hard to stay ahead of our competitors and take strides to improve our business performance by frequently employing innovations of the industry.

We go further

We also have our own internal quality manager, and conduct our own audits, to make sure that we meet and surpass these standards. Compliance is crucial but, in our organisation, going beyond compliance is crucial too. We set ourselves higher standards, so that our customers can have absolute confidence in us – so that you can see we tick all the boxes, and then we go further.

We do this because our customers have told us that this is important to them. We do this so that our staff can take pride in their work and aim for excellence in their own development.